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Proposed May 2018/General Meeting Approved by Members - June 2018

Award Banquet Meals

Members must complete one the following to be eligible for a club sponsored Awards Banquet Meal:

Conformation Show Chairperson


Chief Ring Steward

Ring Stewards 1 Full Day or 2 Full Half Days

Booth Rentals

Reserved Grooming



Catalog Sales – 1 Full Day or 2 Full Half Days

AKC Information Booth

Show Set Up and Clean Up

Obedience Show Chairperson

Rally Chairperson

Tracking Test Show Chairperson

Tracking Show Secretary

Chief Tracklayer

Website Master

Newsletter Editor

Members eligible for a club sponsored meal/beverage ($20.00 value) will be published in the E-Wags each November.

Award Requirements

Members must complete the below requirements to qualify for an award plaque. If the requirements are not met, a paper certificate will be awarded:

General Meetings - Attend at least 2 meeting/year

CKC Dog Show - Assist at Club Events (Please see list above)

An award plaque will be offered one time per dog. If additional titles are achieved, it will be up to the member to cover the additional cost to update the plaque. Members can also wait to request the award until all anticipated titles are achieved.

If a member has multiple dogs which achieved a titles, all dogs for that year will be included on the award (one plaque).

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